Design and Analysis of Experiments

This course provides scientists and engineers with a thorough introduction to the creation and analysis of statistically designed experiments using JMP Software.

The course covers classical screening and response surface designs. A separate course is available that addresses designs created using the JMP custom design platform.

Attendees of the course will learn the mechanics of how to create and analyse experiments within JMP but also learn the statistical principles that underpin the designs and the techniques that are available to evaluate design properties.

Whenever a design choice is made there are consequences in the analysis of the experiment results. By illustrating these consequences, this course helps scientists and engineers to understand the value of statistically designed experiments and empowers them to make better informed decisions.

What our clients are saying ​​about this cour​se:

Thorough explanation of all aspects of JMP DOE
Very knowledgeable instructor
I am really enjoying the course, it is very valuable to see case studies worked through that are relevant to our work
Case studies were very useful and clearly laid out
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