Intermediate J​MP

Beyond basic training we start to explore the statistical platforms and methods that we have access to with JMP Software.

Relevant statistical thinking, particularly statistical inference and hypothesis testing, are also introduced.

The course is supported with extensive case studies based on real-life scenarios.

*     denotes course options specifc to a manufacturing environment

**   denotes course options specific to a research environment

*** denotes self-study supported by online resources

What our clients are saying ​​about this cour​se:

The instructor has a deep knowledge of the software and quality systems
Exercises were clearly directed, building off of each other
Work through activities to keep engagement and ensure in real time understanding of the actions
This course was very well led by David, he had a lot of patience and shared a lot of knowledge, I particularly enjoyed the last day of modelling and profiling.  now I just need to put this into practice.  Thanks a lot.
Knowledgeable and patient instructor, enjoyed course content
Very useful course content, very knowledgeable instructor, made learning this information much easier.
Online learning environment easy to follow, very knowledgeable instructor, good revisiting statistics basics 
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