a platform for accelerated stability modelling


Use the link below to download the latest add-in file. 

If there are multiple links, use the latest build unless you have been advised otherwise.

Download the March 2024 Beta Build

Protecting Your Work

If you have already built models using the software, these models are stored in the pASM project folder:Files in this folder will remain intact during the installation of the add-in.

However, if you do not have this folder then the model files are being stored within the installation directory of the add-in and will be lost if you install the new version.

 If you are not sure, please contact support before installing the add-in.


Once downloaded the add-in can be opened using JMP Software.

When opened, JMP will automatically install the add-in.  Prior version of the add-in will automatically be replaced.

To run the add-in select 'Accelerated Stability Modelling' from the Add-Ins menu.


To remove the add-in select 'Add-Ins...' from JMP's View menu.

The registered name for the add-in is 'Platform for Accelerated Stability Modelling'.

Select the add-in from the list of registered add-ins and click the Unregister button.