Lists – By Example

14 things you can do with lists.

Create An Empty List

Initialise a List

Create a List from a Column

Create a Column from a List

Copy a  List

Concatenate Lists

 Count the Items in a List

 Sort a List

Locate an Item in a List

Count the Number of Occurrences within a List

Get Unique Elements of a List

Sum Items within a List

Apply Scalar Operations to a List

Apply Element-Wise Operations to a List

4 thoughts on “Lists – By Example”

  1. What if do I have a list of values in the each cell of one column?

    Row#1 11,5,2,5
    Row# 2 12,6,3,9

    How can each value listed in the cell be in its owb column?
    Clm#1 Clm#2 Clm#3 Clm#4
    Row#1 11 5 2 5
    Row# 2 12 6 3 9


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