Resistance Challenge

I have results from an experiment.

It is an investigation of a material that can reasonably be expected to obey Ohm’s law.

I have a challenge for you …

What is the best estimate for the resistance of this material?

It seems like a fairly trivial problem to solve, but whenever I ask this question in workshops I get a variety of answers.

Please also think about the degree of precision to which you can quote the answer, and ideally qualify the answer with the standard error of the estimate.

Here is the data, together with a download link:

Use the link below to view the data (right-click to save):

view/download the data

3 thoughts on “Resistance Challenge”

  1. I’d use Fit Y by X to regress voltage vs current, taking the slope estimate as the best estimate of resistance. This gives a result of 2.11 ohm with standard error of 0.07 ohm

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