Column Exists

This Friday’s function is a simple utility to determine whether a column exists in a table.

Typically I use this in conjunction with an Assert function:


The Last 9 Months

This has been a busy year for Pega Analytics.  I’d like to take a few moments to review what we have been doing, and what is in the pipeline.

The beginning of the year saw two major initiatives: creating a new website and building a new introductory course for JMP.

Over the summer we built a course that was specifically designed to align with the book Visual Six Sigma.  First delivery of the course has just taken place to rave reviews!  The course was designed to be modular, so we’ll  be looking to deliver individual components of the course, for example, running a module on Definitive Screening Designs.

In addition to delivering training courses Pega Analytics specialises in the JMP Scripting Language, and we’ve been involved in some really interesting projects during the year.  One such project has been the development of an Ambr Connector for importing data from a TAP Biosystem into JMP.