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Segmented Regression

I’m sure there is a more technically correct term for this: I use the phrase segmented regression to describe the process whereby I select a segment of data within a curve and build a regression model for just that segment.

click on the image to see an animated view
click on the image to see an animated view

I have some code to aid the process.  The code illustrates how to perform regression on-the-fly as well as how to utilise the MouseTrap function to handle mouse movement events.


Web Scraping TripAdvisor

Since writing this post I have placed the associated code on the
JMP File Exchange …

The problem with the internet is that it gives you too much information, or rather, it takes too long to gather the information.  I often cross reference hotel booking sites with TripAdvisor, and its a laborious process.  So this evening I decided to streamline my process by writing a script to gather to user reviews into a JMP table and simple report.


Performance Trap

I was recently processing a number of files using pattern matching. During the processing I was storing information in lists which were subsequently used to populate new JMP data tables.

hit computerEverything worked fine until I increased the number of files by a factor of 10.

After some time I started hitting ‘escape’ and ‘CTRL-Z’ in a frenetic effort to seize control of my laptop.


Validating Modal Windows

A modal window forces a user to respond to a prompt before continuing execution of a script.  The JMP user interface rarely uses modal windows and as programmers we should respect this principle and use modal windows sparingly.  If a task is important enough to warrant a modal window it’s probably important enough to demand some level of validation of user inputs.  Here’s how:  (more…)