Fives and Sixes

In my last post I was able to successfully re-orient a set of pixel data to reconstruct images of handwritten digits.  SInce version 12 of JMP we have been able to create expression table columns that can contain images.  That’s a logical location to store my newly revealed images:


So I have an image, and the value of the digit that it represents.  What can I do with this data?  It  is a popular dataset used for testing machine-learning algorithms; so I thought it would be interesting to use the data to investigate some approaches to building predictive models.

Fundamentally the data is presenting me with a classification challenge: one that I want to simplify.  So I’m going to take a subset of the data that represents only the digits 5 and 6:


Now the challenge is to build a model that differentiates between fives and sixes.  I should be able to apply a number of different techniques to the data: logistic regression, neural networks, recursive partitioning, cluster analysis.  Should be fun!

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