Web Scraping TripAdvisor

Since writing this post I have placed the associated code on the
JMP File Exchange …

The problem with the internet is that it gives you too much information, or rather, it takes too long to gather the information.  I often cross reference hotel booking sites with TripAdvisor, and its a laborious process.  So this evening I decided to streamline my process by writing a script to gather to user reviews into a JMP table and simple report.


Stepping Carefully

In this post I will continue with my so-called hieroglyphics project.  This project uses a set of image data that describes handwritten characters.  The dataset is frequently used to evaluate machine-learning algorithms.  I’m using the dataset to explore a variety of modelling techniques within JMP.

In my last post I used a script to incrementally add terms to my model so that I could explore the performance of the model with increasing complexity.  But the order in which I added the terms was based on a heuristic and it wasn’t necessarily optimal.  So in this post I want to explore using stepwise regression.