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Here’s a handy little function to apply a transparency effect to a solid (r,g,b) colour:


Activity Status Class


The idea of object-orientation is not new to JSL, but user-created objects require a complex code structure that wraps data and functions into namespaces (for example, see the navigation wizard).

In version 14,  there is explicit support for classes which dramatically simplifies the process of creating reusable objects.  I thought I would introduce them by means of a real- example: a notification window that shows progress when stepping through a sequence of time-consuming steps.


Segmented Regression

I’m sure there is a more technically correct term for this: I use the phrase segmented regression to describe the process whereby I select a segment of data within a curve and build a regression model for just that segment.

click on the image to see an animated view
click on the image to see an animated view

I have some code to aid the process.  The code illustrates how to perform regression on-the-fly as well as how to utilise the MouseTrap function to handle mouse movement events.


Web Scraping TripAdvisor

Since writing this post I have placed the associated code on the
JMP File Exchange …

The problem with the internet is that it gives you too much information, or rather, it takes too long to gather the information.  I often cross reference hotel booking sites with TripAdvisor, and its a laborious process.  So this evening I decided to streamline my process by writing a script to gather to user reviews into a JMP table and simple report.


Scripting Data Filters

A question that I’ve been asked a few times is “how can I script a data filter?”.  My response to this question is always the same: “why would you want to do this?”.

In scripting, a common task is to manipulate data through row selections; a data filter is a tool that allows you to perform the same task interactively  without scripting.  Which means: you either script or you use a data filter.

So now the question becomes: “how can I implement functionality equivalent to a data filter using JSL?”.

In this post I will look at answering this question.  But since there are occasions where is is desirable to explicitly script the data filter, I’ll look at that too!