Inspired By John Sall

As users of JMP Software we all develop our own opinions of what we like, what we don’t like, and how we think it should evolve.

So it’s very insightful to hear the perspective of the man behind the software – John Sall.  He is hard to ignore, both physically (he is tall!) and intellectually (he is a giant!).  But above all, he knows how we ought to be using the software whereas we just think we know.  (more…)

Using Pattern Matching To Inspect Reports

This is the third step in building the oneway advisor.  In the first step the code for the main window was developed.  In the second step the code was revised to handle access to the icon files.

The advisor will validate the assumptions associated with a oneway analysis of variance.  It is assumed that the user has created the oneway analysis prior to running the advisor.  In this step this assumption is validated.