Oneway Advisor

I want to show you an example of some software designed to help you be more productive and consistent in applying statistical tests.  It’s designed to work along side a oneway analysis of variance and will automatically assess the assumptions associated with the analysis.

I call it a oneway advisor – which is a slight misnomer – it checks the assumptions but doesn’t give advice (so hopefully no angry emails from your in-house statisticians!). The point of showing you this software is to inspire you to write it yourself!  Think of this as step zero – an overview of what the end product will look like – then together we will start with a blank piece of “paper” and write the code step-by-step. Associated with a oneway analysis of variance are the “standard” statistical assumptions:

  1. Errors are normally distributed
  2. Errors have uniform variance
  3. Errors are independent

The oneway advisor checks these assumptions and provides the following summary:

oneway screen1

Four checks – the first assumption can be tested by looking at both the within-group data as well as the overall data.

The icons provide a simple visual status of these assumptions and hovering will provide a summary of the test.

Interested in building this statistical advisor?  If so, here is step 1.

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