Activity Status Class


The idea of object-orientation is not new to JSL, but user-created objects require a complex code structure that wraps data and functions into namespaces (for example, see the navigation wizard).

In version 14,  there is explicit support for classes which dramatically simplifies the process of creating reusable objects.  I thought I would introduce them by means of a real- example: a notification window that shows progress when stepping through a sequence of time-consuming steps.


Text Processing Workflow

In my previous post I introduced the sample data table Pet Survey.  I created a column formula to classify each respondent to determine whether they owned a cat, a dog, or both.  In this simple example, there were signs of the problems that arise when processing unstructured text data.  My classification of “dog” missed out responses referring to huskies; my classification of “cat” incorrectly included references to cattle.  I looked at the Text Explorer platform and focused on the output contained in the lists of terms and phrases.  In this post I want to focus on workflow: using the functionality within Text Explorer platform to gain meaningful insights into my data, and to answer specific questions.


Insights in the use of JMP and the scripting language JSL